Rules and Policies

It’s important that all competitors follow the same set of rules. We’ve outlined them very clearly here to make them easy for all competitors to access.

Competition Rules & Policies

Cancellation/Refund Policy

The deadline for a refund on a cancellation is 30 days prior to the date the competition commences. Refunds will be made by mail once the organizer has been contacted 30 days following the completion of the competition. There will be a minimum of $50 service charge, per participant for cancellations. No exchanges or refunds will be made on admission tickets. (ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL). Late Fees: Entries postmarked after the deadline date of May 1th but before May 15th will be subject to a late fee of $20 per person. Entries postmarked May 15th or after and received by 3:30 pm Pacific Time on May 26th will be subject to a late fee of $30 per person. Entries received after 3:30 pm Pacific Time May 26th and entries added at the competition will be subject to a late fee of $50 per person. There will be no exceptions.

Pro/Am Policies

1) All students may enter in no more than 3 consecutive levels per style.

  • Students may NOT enter both Bronze & Silver scholarship levels in the same style.
  • Students MAY enter both the Silver & the Open scholarships in the same style.
  • Students MUST enter the scholarship level of the highest single dance entry level in a style.
  • For example: If a student enters single dance entries in Full Bronze and Pre Silver they would be eligible for the Silver Scholarship NOT the Bronze Scholarship in that style.

2) Each level is restricted to an NDCA approved syllabus of that level and style.

3) To qualify for any scholarship event, a student must have a minimum of 5 other entries in single dance or multi-dance events per each scholarship entered. Multi-dance events count as 2 entries. In the event of lack of entries (4 or less competitors), the organizer has the right to cancel or to reduce the prize money for any competitions.

4) All Professionals competing must have current registration with the N.D.C.A.  Go online at, or may requested via mail at:


Lee Wakefield

263 Richards Building

Bringham Young University Provo, Utah 84604


All persons attending this event, whether as spectators, officials, competitors or guests of the organizers shall be bound by the N.D.C.A. rules and by participating in this competition automatically become obliged to adhere to them.

The organizers of this competition and the N.D.C.A. are not responsible for the loss or theft or articles left in the changing rooms, ballroom(s), or hotel rooms.  The organizers and the N.D.C.A. will not be held liable for injuries sustained by persons attending this event, whether as spectators, officials, competitors, or guests of the organizers.  Everyone attending does so at his/her own risk.

Because of N.D.C.A rules, no video taping or filming will be allowed.

Amateur/Amateur Competition Policies

A couple’s age classification eligibility is defined as the age of the older partner for the Under 14, High School, and Adult classifications, while it is defined as the age of the younger partner for the Masters classifications.

All U.S. Amateur dancers entering amateur events must be registered with the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) Overseas Amateurs must be registered with the WDC, WDSF or the official recognized amateur organization of their country of residence. This applies to both members of the partnership. Student/Student couples entering the “All-American” one dance events are not required to be registered. For further information regarding amateur registration with the NDCA contact: Eleanor Wiblin, NDCA National Registrar, PO Box 22018, Provo, UT 84602, Phone (801) 422-4623 Fax: (801) 422-3734 Email:

Collegiate/Syllabus Events

Collegiate/Syllabus events are an accommodation for Student/Student Dancers and College Dancers, and are open only to one adult Student Dancer partnering with another adult Student Dancer. Collegiate/Syllabus events are not open to amateur dancers who compete in Amateur Competitions and/or Championships at the “Open Amateur” proficiency level.


In an event where less than 6 couples dance the final, all prize money may be halved.


Private, personal, and amateur videoing is not permitted.  We will however, have video service available to any dancers that wish to purchase it.